Lionel Richie hopes to feature on Daft Punk's next album

Yes, yes, now wait a minute.  You may say, “Lionel Ritchie?  Dafuq?”  Now there are actually two Lionel Ritchies you see.  There’s the Lionel most people know, the bland top-40 “Dancing on the Ceiling” Lionel and then there’s the Original-Bad-Ass-Funky-Mofo Lionel when he was a member of the Commodores in the 70s.  This here is all the proof you need.  As great as it is, RAM could have used a bit more of this magic IMO.

So yeah this would be fantastic, but on one condition.  Daft Punk needs to put a big sign on the studio entrance reading “No Lionel Ritchies admitted unless accompanied BY THE REST OF THE GODDAMMED COMMODORES”

So sure, this would be great as long as the Machine Gun/Brick House Lionel shows up with the Commodores and leaves that Hello/Dancin on the Ceiling shit at home.

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