Flaunt Magazine | Place: You Weren't Invited, but Pull Up a Chair

Great peice (about half way down the page) written by Todd “The God” Edwards about Los Angeles and how two French Robots and his Mom convinced him to move there and leave Jersey behind.

Shut up and spend: inside the EDM money machine

A good, level-headed look inside the EDM-industrial complex.  My favorite quote from the article:

"Electronic Dance Music didn’t grow into a serious industry in America until it was boiled down into those three little letters. Like KFC or MTV, EDM is an acronym that implies a lot about a substance that may or may not be contained in the actual product. But the idea behind an acronym like EDM isn’t about the music itself — it’s about the cold hard cash earned from selling the whole package to legions of people."

I’ve ranted long and loud here on how much I despise the three letter “EDM” label/tag/epithet/accusation and the baggage it carries.  This article explains it with much more patience and clarity than I ever could.

Unfortunately, the author was apparently unable to interview the elusive mastermind behind all this, a certain “Eric David Morris.”

There's a Daft Punk documentary in the works

I was wondering how long it would take some hack to label the film a ‘Daft-umentary’.  Well there you have it.  Now stop it.

Daft Punk to be subject of new TV documentary

"Daft Punk could not be reached for comment, as they are currently vacationing outside the galaxy."

Daft Punk Documentary Film in the Works

Pretty safe to say that Daft Punk themselves will NOT be involved.

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